Wednesbury through the Lens aimed to encourage amateur photographers to both improve their skills and get involved in photographing their local Highstreet.. It did this through a Photography Competition (October 2021 to January 2022), where members of the public were invited to submit photographs of their favourite people, places, food, buildings – anything that they think makes Wednesbury unique and interesting. We teamed up with Tekkinpix, a showcase for contemporary photography in the Black Country and Birmingham that encourages people to share images of the region, to deliver and produce the exhibition. Check them out!

The three winners were Jay Mason-Burns, Ronnie Ackling and Kelly Hadley, whose photographs were taken as they explored Wednesbury on foot, depicting chance encounters between photographer and subject.

A selection of photographs were exhibited at Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery and in the town centre.

The 3 winners received a prize and were judged by a panel (photographers, community ambassadors and member of the Multistory team.)A pop-up exhibition was held in Market Place, local shops and a selection were included in the Hi-Street Wednesbury community newspaper and the We are Wednesbury Facebook page.

One of the winners, says:

“Photography allows us to see things in a way that we probably wouldn’t otherwise”

As part of the programme Tom Hicks led a Photo Walk around the town centre.

To find out more about We are Wednesbury, see here.