Multistory is a community arts organisation. We have been based in West Bromwich in the borough of Sandwell for 15 years and the people and place shape our work. We build meaningful connections between local communities and artists to produce creative projects that tell stories of everyday life. We believe in the power of art to reflect the times we live in and tell stories to bring people together.

We work with a wide range of communities, creatives and partners to reimagine the local area, platform under-represented voices and inspire creativity and social change. Our programme of participatory arts projects, workshops, talks and events takes place in libraries, community centres and indoor and outdoor public spaces. The stories told through our projects have a local resonance but are also seen by audiences far beyond, both in national exhibitions and through our digital programme. We support creatives through collaborative projects, employment, bursaries and skills development opportunities.


Our values are:

Creativity – to encourage participation and expression.

Collaboration – with communities, creatives and partners.

Accessibility – to make art and creativity accessible to communities that might not have access to it; to make our recruitment process transparent and open.

Inclusivity – of diverse communities / perspectives / stories, at all levels of the organisation and its work.

Sustainability – social, environmental; economic.


Our Equality & Diversity Policy can be found here.