On Saturday 17 June 2023, Wednesbury Day brought the town to life and, with an array of activities on offer, it was a hub of creativity and happy crowds.

The day started with an opening speech from the Mayor of Sandwell, Bill Gavan, followed by Blind Dave Heeley (a renowned Sandwell local) who then led the giant, 13-foot puppet ‘Eko’ and the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band in a community procession through the town, after which the activities began!

Out of the Deep Blue by Autin Dance Theatre and Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band at Wednesbury Day.
© Phillip Parnell Photography.

Spanning across the town centre were exhibitions, market stalls and street performances. At Wednesbury Library the brilliant Ranbir Kaur created a beautiful Rangoli, where visitors could watch the fascinating creative process and learn more about the art form. Also at the Library was a craft exhibition that displayed the wonderful work of some of Wednesbury’s craft groups and there was an opportunity for everyone to take part in some crafting.

Ranbir Kaur creating Rangoli art at Wednesbury Library on
Wednesbury Day. ©Phillip Parnell Photography.
Craft Exhibition at Wednesbury Library on Wednesbury Day. © Phillip Parnell Photography.

Working your way through Market Square and Union Street it was hard to miss Mr and Mrs Pigeon wandering around and interacting with amazed audiences. Another duo was also pounding the streets – the hilarious Lollipop Patrol who caused havoc and laughter wherever they went and not to forget a brilliant interactive theatre performance, ‘Special Delivery’, by Mark Whitaker which greatly entertained the youngsters on the day!

The Pigeons by Circii at Wednesbury Day. © Phillip Parnell Photography.
Lollipop Patrol by Curious Cargo at Wednesbury Day. ©Phillip Parnell Photography.

Lovely to see Wednesbury being involved in this and getting some recognition. Very well presented.

Wednesbury Day attendee

Special Delivery: a performance by Mark Whitaker at Wednesbury Day. ©Phillip Parnell Photography.

As well as all the performances and activities, visitors could also take home souvenirs associated with Wednesbury, like a stick of Genuine Chobbling Tube or an orange chips tea towel (if you know, you know!) from Vicky Roden’s Tat ‘n’ Tranklements market stall.

Orange chips tea towel from Tat ‘n’ Tranklements market stall, by Vicky Roden, at Wednesbury Day.
© Phillip Parnell Photography.

Just over the road from Union Street is Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery where a community exhibition was launched on the day. High Street Portraits by Marta Kochanek captures and tells the stories of many of the local shops and business owners and on Wednesbury Day lots of people stopped by to talk with Marta and take part in activities specific to the exhibition.

Those who couldn’t make it can catch the exhibition until 20 September 2023 so be sure to add it to your ‘to do’ list.

Photographer Marta Kochanek at the High Street Portraits exhibition on Wednesbury Day. Wednesbury
Museum and Art Gallery. © Phillip Parnell Photography.

Wednesbury Day was a joyful celebration of the town and people. Multistory would like to thank Black Country Touring for their hard work and dedication to making this event possible, the We Are Wednesbury working group for their support and commitment and, of course, Wednesbury Town!