Doomsday- A Wednesbury Reckoning

‘It’s a minute to midnight on the Doomsday Clock and the spirits of Wednesbury have been called together at The Black Church to state their case for salvation before God’…

On Friday 16 June 2023, St Bartholomew’s Church in Wednesbury was the location for an evening of song and spoken word featuring performances from a range of Black Country talent including: David Calcutt, Brendan Hawthorne, Priyanka Joshi, Trudy King, Steve Pottinger, Emma Purshouse, Reaya Seeley, Billy Spakeman, Suzan Spence, Alex Vann and Heather Wastie.

With support from Suzie’s Community Choir, Wednesbury, audiences enjoyed an atmospheric evening with powerful performances! Below, you can hear each poet’s contribution.

Battle Song of the Golden Cockerel, written and performed by David Calcutt

Cracked Pot, written and performed by Brendan Hawthorne

Font Song, written and performed by Priyanka Joshi

Hill at their Heart, written and performed by Steve Pottinger

John Wesley’s Oss Block Speaks, written and performed by Emma Purshouse

Tube Worker’s Song, written and performed by Brian Dakin aka Billy Spakeman

Ethelfleda, written and performed by Suzan Spence

The Town Clock Rap, written and performed by Heather Wastie

Multistory would like to thank Emma Purshouse for producing this event; the performers for taking part; St Bartholomew’s Church as hosts; and of course the audience for engaging.

This event was produced through the We Are Wednesbury Cultural Programme, part of the High Streets Heritage Action Zone initiative funded by Sandwell Council and Historic England to re-establish the historic character of the area and create a vibrant and welcoming space. Since 2021, Multistory, has been working with local residents, communities and groups, who are members of the We Are Wednesbury working group, and local creatives to deliver the programme of activities.

Doomsday at St Bartholomew’s Church, Wednesbury, 2023. © Phillip Parnell Photography

© Phillip Parnell Photography