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An Action-Packed Day in the Shop

NEWS : February 19, 2012

By Torange Khonsari Today the local vicar, Peter Sellick, carried out a church service in the shop. The church service was fantastic and the congregation stayed behind and had tea and cakes with us. We talked to an elderly lady, Lily, who told us lots about the area such as the old library on the […]

The Shop Opens

NEWS : February 18, 2012

By Torange Khonsari Local people chatting in the shop, 2012 Today we opened the shop and cafe to the general public in Charlemont after a tough week of Katy and I setting it up. We had the local newspaper, the Express & Star, come down to report on the opening and write an article. Terry […]

Final Event in the Park

NEWS : February 16, 2012

By Emma Larkinson Sunday 12th of February is cold, but dry and we’ve enlisted the help of Peter and Chris to assist while we unload and carry the image for Levines from the shop. Unfortunately Chris is unwell – and we hope that we don’t lose anymore from the event today. When we arrive at […]

The Importance of Focused Activity

NEWS : February 9, 2012

By Emma Larkinson The two weeks between the second event in the park and the final gathering has been particularly busy as we complete on other aspects of the Stirchley Prospects Project. The consensus to invite ‘Title’ to make a new graffiti piece in the park means that we need either to gain permission from […]

The Making of Stirchley Park

NEWS : January 25, 2012

Project team Place Prospectors CIC is a not for profit community 
interest company that works creatively with people 
in the places where they live, work and learn. The company is co-directed by Jayne Murray and Emma Larkinson. Location Stirchley, Birmingham.  For some local information click here Brief outline of the project The project will bring together […]

Park at Rear

NEWS : December 9, 2011

Our small change project will focus on a small park in Stirchley, Birmingham. Hidden from view ‘Stirchley Park’ is not well known in the local area – classically ‘out of sight out of mind’. Used by dog walkers and those as a hurried short cut the space has stagnated. During our research into the local […]

Small Change Forum Podcast – Barbara Wood

NEWS : November 7, 2011

Barbara Wood looks at the work of the highly reputable British economist, E.F Schumacher and his book, Small is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered. The series of essays within the book critiques Western economics and looks at how small approaches where people are valued as a ‘whole’ are more sustainable and effective approaches to […]

Small Change Forum Podcast – Julia Slay


Julia Slay from New Economics Foundation (nef) talks about the value of co-production and turning public services inside out at The Small Change Forum Conference at Oxford Brookes University on 7th October 2011.