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NEWS : July 13, 2018

Sarah Taylor Silverwood Created by artist Sarah Taylor Silverwood, in collaboration with Multistory, The Women’s Honour Award will celebrate the many important and varied roles that women who live and / or work in Sandwell do as care-givers, supporters and more. We all know a woman who goes above and beyond for us; who quietly goes that extra […]

The Women’s Honour Award


“The Women’s Honour Award is a chance for people to celebrate someone who goes above and beyond for them. A lot of the work that women do is behind the scenes, often unpaid, and not rewarded. The sorts of images and paintings we see in public spaces have historically shown a mainly male, privileged voice. […]

Black Country Lungs


Health, we take it for granted but, as soon as we are ill, we ask questions. How can we get better? Who is to blame? Could we have avoided it? Corinne Noordenbos, November 2017 Black Country Lungs is a new photo book and exhibition, made in collaboration with Multistory and Dutch photographer Corinne Noordenbos. It tells […]