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Martin Parr in Wolverhampton

NEWS : August 16, 2012

Back in July, Martin spent four days in Wolverhampton and its wider region with visits in Compton, Tettenhall, Willenhall and the city centre again. The shoot also included revisiting Walsall as we wanted to document the last remaining brick manufacturer in the Black Country. As often happens when out shooting with Martin, we ended up in […]

Martin Parr hits the Jubilee Street Parties

NEWS : June 12, 2012

By Claire Wearn Martin spent the Jubilee with us in the Black Country attending as many street parties and community celebrations as possible before wondering off in the evening to a rave in The Civic! Continuing with our ongoing archive of life in the Black Country, 2012 is all about Wolverhampton and it’s satellite towns, […]

Final weeks of Martin Parr exhibition @ NAGW

NEWS : March 26, 2012

By Claire Wearn Still open until April 7th, New Art Gallery Walsall host Martin Parr’s interim exhibition offering an insight into the second year of Black Country Stories, commissioned and produced by Multistory. Now half way through the project we wanted to offer a taste of what Martin had captured after spending 2011 in Walsall. […]

Your suggestions for ‘best bits of the Black Country”

NEWS : March 25, 2012

By Claire Wearn We asked you to tell us what you think are the best things about the Black Country… whether it’s the best place to get grey peas and bacon, a saag aloo or pint of ale to the old places you worked or the best jumble sale in town… We are still asking […]