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Stories of Home


  Stories of Home is a portrait of the Central and Eastern European communities living in Sandwell, home to the biggest Polish population in the UK. The photographs document and celebrate the everyday aspects of people’s lives – at work or home, at school or a celebration. The work was made during a two-year period […]

The Cracker


Through a narrow alleyway you enter ‘The Cracker’; rolling grass lined with blackberries and stinging nettles. Motorbikes, peds and quads bark loudly at all times of day. The boys race them until they burn out, perfecting the art of the wheelie. The girls nestle around small fires despite the baking summer sun. Here, everyone knows […]

Asian Women & Cars: Road to Independence


Asian Women & Cars: Road to Independence celebrates the lives and experiences of first generation South Asian migrant women living in Sandwell and the Black Country. Using oral histories, film, photographs and sound, Dawinder Bansal explores the relationships between the women, driving and their cars. The project was presented as a multimedia installation for the […]

Portraits in Motion


Winner of the Total Theatre Award for Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015, Volker Gerling is a passionate creator of flipbooks and of the film form he calls Daumenkino– literally ‘thumb-cinema’. Since the summer of 2002 he has walked over 3,500km throughout Germany, creating flipbook portraits of some of the people […]

A Room of Their Own – Film

NEWS : March 5, 2018

“The real challenge is not just making photographs that reflect their lives in an honest way, but can we engage people in a meaningful way to also act?” Susan Meiselas, 2017 Magnum photographer Susan Meiselas collaborated with Multistory and women in refuge during 2015 and 2016 to make a book – A Room of Their […]


NEWS : November 27, 2017

Susan Meiselas’ A ROOM OF THEIR OWN – POP-UP INSTALLATION. We have taken over two stalls at West Bromwich Indoor Market for our pop-up installation as part of #16DaysofActivism.  Come visit us from Saturday 25th Nov to Saturday 9th Dec 2017.  Open daily from 10am until 4pm (except Sunday). Visit our Pop-up installation which includes […]


NEWS : November 10, 2017

It was a wonderful day yesterday at our very own Gardeners’ Question Time at Central Library, West Bromwich. Alys Fowler (British horticulturist and journalist) and Susie Parr (writer, researcher & amateur beekeeper) lead the panel along with local allotment holders’ Alison and Alan, and Helen, a cottage garden owner. A huge thank you to everyone that […]

Home Made in Smethwick at Lightwoods House

NEWS : August 28, 2017

Home Made in Smethwick is a touring exhibition of photographs by photographer, Liz Hingley produced by Multistory. It will arrive at Lightwoods House, Smethwick on 1 September 2017. Liz worked with residents for two years to create an intimate photographic portrait of the people and the food cooked in #Smethwick in #Sandwell, one of the […]