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David Goldblatt’s work exhibited at 2 UK prisons

NEWS : June 27, 2017

Multistory recently exhibited David Goldblatt’s Ex-Offenders at the Scene of Crime at two UK prisons: HMP Manchester and HMP Birmingham. The exhibition explores crime through photographs and life stories of ex-offenders. David met with people who have committed crime, or been accused of it, and punished. It was important to him that he met them when they […]

The Street & Modern Life


The process is simply that I walk to the centre of the city where many people are. Then I walk around for 10 to 15 minutes. When something in the crowd intrigues me or touches me, I decide that will be the theme of the day. Then I start photographing … Hans Eijkelboom For his […]

Small Change Forum Event: Stirchley – Shaping Stirchley

NEWS : June 6, 2012

Small Change practice starts with a common sense assumption: to achieve something big, start with something small and start where it counts. Multistory have produced a series of films, with the filmmaker Ewan Jones-Morris, to document four Small Change Community Projects. The films ‘shine a light’ on a particular problem in a community and give […]

Final Event in the Park

NEWS : February 16, 2012

By Emma Larkinson Sunday 12th of February is cold, but dry and we’ve enlisted the help of Peter and Chris to assist while we unload and carry the image for Levines from the shop. Unfortunately Chris is unwell – and we hope that we don’t lose anymore from the event today. When we arrive at […]

The Importance of Focused Activity

NEWS : February 9, 2012

By Emma Larkinson The two weeks between the second event in the park and the final gathering has been particularly busy as we complete on other aspects of the Stirchley Prospects Project. The consensus to invite ‘Title’ to make a new graffiti piece in the park means that we need either to gain permission from […]

The Making of Stirchley Park

NEWS : January 25, 2012

Project team Place Prospectors CIC is a not for profit community 
interest company that works creatively with people 
in the places where they live, work and learn. The company is co-directed by Jayne Murray and Emma Larkinson. Location Stirchley, Birmingham.  For some local information click here Brief outline of the project The project will bring together […]

Park at Rear

NEWS : December 9, 2011

Our small change project will focus on a small park in Stirchley, Birmingham. Hidden from view ‘Stirchley Park’ is not well known in the local area – classically ‘out of sight out of mind’. Used by dog walkers and those as a hurried short cut the space has stagnated. During our research into the local […]