High Street Stories


Between now and the end of March 2021, Multistory is excited to announce that we are working on High Street Stories, a digital community engaged arts programme that will be developed with, and for, local residents and artists.  High Street Stories is part of the Wednesbury High Street Heritage Action Zone project funded by Sandwell Council and Historic England.

The programme will explore the past, present and future of the town through a series of free, artist-led workshops.  The work created will be presented online via an interactive community map of Wednesbury that will outline hidden histories and stories of the local area, drawing lines from the past and exploring new, collectively imagined possibilities for the future.

Multistory will launch the map in April 2021, alongside a public engagement programme of online talks that will share artistic research from the project and explore themes of community, collaborative practice and rootedness within place.

Twelve artists (including three from Wednesbury and six from Sandwell) will collaborate with local residents in digital workshops to share their stories, memories, hopes and dreams for the town.  The artists are: Iain Armstrong, Keaton Barton, Maurice Bartosch, Grace Dore, Brendan Hawthorne, Sophie Huckfield, Marta Kochanek, Claire Leggett, Jo Loki, Denise Maxwell, Serena Patel and Emily Warner.

For information on workshops and projects currently taking place, please visit this post on our blog.


There are lots of opportunities to get involved, so please get in touch with Multistory if you’ve got a story or memory to share; some interesting facts about Wednesbury’s history; or would like to take part in a workshop. You don’t need to be an artist; the workshops are all about exploring creativity and playing with ideas, so anyone can join in.

Contact Paige Jackson, the Creative Producer for the project, at or call her on 07423 418945 if you’d like to take part or have any questions.