Herbert Walters 

“It was so strange to walk through the empty streets, it felt like Birmingham belonged to me, like I had the keys to the city.”

Herbert Walters


Herbert Walters is a Birmingham based documentary photographer who completed his HND at Sandwell College followed by a degree at Birmingham City University, where he became an artist in residence.  He recently presented his exhibition ‘Vision of Moments’ at the Medicine Bakery & Gallery in Birmingham city centre and has shown his work at Heart Break Gallery, New York; SOAS University, London; Midlands Arts Centre; and The Drum Arts Centre, Birmingham.

Herbert’s Stories in Isolation project, ‘Where People Once Gathered’ documents empty spaces around Birmingham through a series of photographs that were taken during lockdown in March and April 2020. Waking up at 4am to venture into the city on foot, Herbert photographed buildings, roads, parks and New Street station, capturing the eerie quietness and abandonment of a city at standstill, where no people, cars or animals could be found.

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