Finn Byrne

As a young artist/photographer, Finn Byrne‘s practice is ever-evolving in accordance with his knowledge of photography. He currently operate as a socially engaged documentary photographer who works to produce imagery surrounding and involving various communities within the region of the West Midlands, particularly the Birmingham area. By engaging personally within various communities, he is able to produce collaborative projects that seek to benefit them, accessing an inside perspective that, when utilised by the visual medium, produces a representation that both subjects and photographer feels works as an accurate depiction of said community.


On the 23st March 2020, the UK Government announced that in response to the rise in of COVID-19 cases, special measures would have to be taken to combat the virus, the most significant being a national ‘lockdown’. This came to be a huge turning point for the start of a decade, transforming people’s everyday lives for the foreseeable future, producing shared feelings of fear, frustration and uncertainty.

Being restricted to the walls of his home and left with little else to do following his completion of second year at University, photographer Finn Byrne began to produce a project which initially only existed as a means to escape the unproductive blur that daily life had become, documenting day-to-day events within the weeks leading up to and during the lockdown period. Only when he found himself commissioned by Multistory did a solid basis for his reasoning begin to form.

In response to his personal thoughts/feelings, Byrne used the camera as a tool to explore and record his affiliation with the space in which he lives and time’s effect upon his perception of said space. The images produced are what came to be his ‘Story in Isolation’, a collection of moments as seen through his eyes, a personal perspective of the unexpected circumstances we found ourselves in this spring/summer.