Emma Case

Emma is a photographer specialising in participatory projects that focus on home, place and the everyday. Nostalgia and memory is a strong focus within her work.  She is interested in the relationship between how our memories and stories have shaped us and the connection to how our current memories are now made. Emma is particularly interested in building relationships and records.  Working with individuals and communities… collecting old photographs, recording conversation, documenting change, focusing particularly on everyday life.

She is currently an Artist in Residence with Open Eye Gallery working with a local community group in Liverpool on a process-led photography project.  She is also the founder of The RED Archive, a community project collecting and sharing Liverpool fans’ personal photos and stories. Emma has previously worked with Multistory on a number of projects and her last being, an audio project, Sandwell Stories and was first presented at West Bromwich Central Library during Blast! Festival 2019.  The exhibition continued to tour libraries in Sandwell, showcasing Emma’s portraits alongside the audio interviews, enabling the public to access a growing oral and visual archive of contemporary, everyday stories.



For all of us, life has changed significantly due to Covid-19 and our current lockdown situation.  So what does our everyday currently look like? How do we feel? Who are we in lockdown with? What are we missing?

Through online video call interviews Emma is revisiting previous participants interviewed for Sandwell Stories.  Through video, audio and photographs  collected through apps such as FaceTime and Whatsapp.  She hopes to share an intimate insight into lockdown which reflects how our communication is still socially connected despite currently being physically distant.