High Street Stories

Daniel Meadows

I’m interested in the spontaneous way in which we talk, respond and converse. People were generous with their time and I’ve tried very hard to edit the movie in a way that is respectful of the individual character of those I photographed and recorded.

Daniel Meadows

Through the winter of 2014 – 15, British photographer Daniel Meadows made a series of visits to West Bromwich High Street.  Exploring the indoor and the outdoor markets, Daniel made a movie about some of the people he met.

Made up of hundreds of Daniel’s photographic images that are sequenced to accompany the sound recordings made on location, the movie follows some of the individuals that Daniel made connections with. These includes Mush who helps West Bromwich be spick and span with his longstanding hoover stall; Dr Sun who practices Chinese medicine and acupuncture; and Jenny and Veronica who make sure that Jackson’s Afro-Caribbean stall is well stocked. The DVD can be purchased from Multistory’s online shop.


In our exclusive interview with Daniel, he discusses High Street Stories, including his inspirations; working methods (using both sound and photography) and his editing process.


Premiere Screening

A DVD of the film was gifted to all of the people who took part in the project during a special red carpet screening on Tuesday 15 September 2015, at the Odeon Cinema in West Bromwich. The special event captured the attention of BBC Midlands Today who broadcast live from outside the cinema and interviewed Daniel along with Mandy Price, owner of Wizard T-shirt Printing, based in the indoor market. See a video clip here.

Shows a great amount of personality; a very local and personal feel.

Engaged with market traders of West Brom; sensitive and humorous.

Fantastic social history captured for good.

– Audience Members

Artist Talk
Daniel gave an informal talk to students about High Street Stories and other work at Sandwell College in West Bromwich.

Daniel Meadows is a documentarist who attempts to make sense of the times in which we live; he engages with others to gather, create and present – with as few fictional additions as possible – stories made out of photographs and/or oral testimony.

If you enjoyed reading about this project you might like watch ‘Neville,’ a new short film by Daniel, produced by Multistory.