Chains, Dogs & CHAOS

Sara Tibbetts

I learned a lot watching the film. It’s so professional and well made. I think it would do really well in schools as a local history lesson. Well done to all concerned.

Audience Member

Chains, Dogs & CHAOS 
is a film produced and directed by documentary-maker, Sara Tibbetts. Set in Cradley Heath, in the Black Country, once the world’s largest producer of  industrial chain and also home to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, the film reveals a series of remarkable and interconnected stories.

Short sections from the film are available to the right and in the ‘film screening’ section you can see photographs of the celebratory event, and first film screening, that Multistory hosted at the Netherton Arts Centre, Dudley on 15 October, 2014.

Through her research, Sara discovered that her grandfather was an important figure in the local Cradley Heath community.  He was both the local doctor and the first President of the Cradley Heath and Old Hill District Amateur Operatic Society. Over one 100 years later, Sara finds that the Society is still very much at large and proudly holds the title of the longest established amateur operatic society in the Black Country. CHAOS, as they are now known, rehearse and perform regularly in local venues and they play a major part in the film. As Sara spends time with the current Chair, Hilda Faulkner, the stories of many local people and their interconnected lives begin to unfold. 

Chains, Dogs & CHAOS was commissioned and produced by Multistory. You can buy the film from Multistory’s online shop (limited number available): click here.

Sara Tibbetts has been making documentaries for the last 25 years. Her first career was in social work, mainly in mental health, and then she moved into documentaries via a degree in anthropology. For many years now she has been a producer/director making very intimate documentaries, usually about people at a cross roads in their life.


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