Black Country Cinema

Black Country Cinema is a collective of four film makers based in the Black Country. Passionate about real cinema, they aim to portray the Black Country and British culture honestly and authentically through the medium of film.

Multistory commissioned Black Country Cinema to produce a series of short films that responded to the theme of the Black Country Stories programme. There four films in the series so each member of the collective was able to take on the role of director for their film.

Being commissioned by Multistory was a great honour for us in that we’d be joining a project that has internationally acclaimed artists such as Martin Parr, Mark Power, Margaret Drabble and David Goldblatt already working on it. But approaching things from the angle of film was something we could do differently, in our own style, and as always something we wanted to capitalise on. Having gone away to think about the project as individuals, we locked ourselves away to pen down just exactly what it was we each wanted to say with our films. Matthew chose to focus on the people of Bilston markets as it was already something Multistory were interested in. He had already been toying with the idea of a film about the markets immediately after finishing ‘Luv’in (the Black Country)’, so it seemed the natural choice. While filming ‘The Passing Spirit’, I was shooting in my granddad’s old allotment which inspired me immensely, so an allotment was going to be the setting of my film. Jaspal’s earlier research lead him to discover that King Charles II had taken refuge in Willenhall and so built his idea around this. Finally, Andrew decided to broaden the scope and create a journey throughout the Black Country, travelling through the local towns and meeting people along the way.

Manjeet Gill


Welcome to the Black Country

A documentary that travels through a selection of Black Country towns hearing touching stories from some of its residents and providing us with a small glimpse into their everyday life and the place they call home.

The Black Country is oozing with history and culture and is currently going through major changes both socially and economically. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this remarkable place, then welcome to the Black Country.


Title: Welcome to the Black Country
Length: 22:12
Production Year: 2013
Director: Andrew J Walker
Category: Documentary

Food for The Mind

A documentary about a small allotment based in West Bromwich in the Black Country. Quiet and contemplative (to match the pace of life on this beautiful piece of land, almost secretly tucked away among the busy streets), one of the longest standing plot holders talks fondly of his memories here, dating back to WWII.


Title: Food for The Mind
Length: 11:45
Production Year: 2013
Director: Manjeet S Gill
Category: Documentary

Where Royals Have Walked

A documentary exploring the royal historical roots that lie within the small community of Bentley,  situated in the Black Country, and how it played an important part of King Charles II escape route to France in 1651.


Title: Where Royals Have Walked
Length: 19:30
Production Year: 2013
Director: Jaspal Singh
Category: Documentary