Visual Poetry

Over the course of 6-9 weeks, filmmaker Soheila Javaheri worked with Phoenix Collegiate Photography and Media students. The aim was to explore narratives around our environments and the everyday using photography, cinema, and visual poetry.

Abbas Kiarostami’s film 24 Frames was used as a source of inspiration and starting point. Across the workshops, students were encouraged to slowly observe the nature and environments around them, culminating in expressive poetry, photographs and short videos reflecting what could be seen and heard.

From the sessions, students learnt about photographic composition, rules of thirds and practical advice, as well as how to consider the natural environment. On this page are the photographs and videos produced by the students.

This project was part of Multistory’s Green Roots (West Bromwich) programme. We would like to thank Soheila Javaheri and Phoenix Collegiate staff and students (Andrei Markis, Bhumika Ram, Flaviu Markis, Gurdip Gill, Joseph Wright, Madison Smith and Thomas Myatt) for their hard work and dedication to this programme.

I enjoyed learning new techniques on how to look for a good angle when taking photographs.

Phoenix Collegiate student