Change is Coming

What happens when you pause? What do you hear when you close your eyes? What do you see when you stop, just for a moment? The flutter of pigeons, the call of market traders, the wind rustling in the trees, the sky reflected in a puddle… Have you ever wondered what is growing on your doorstep? Or how can we make the high street a welcoming place for people, insects and birds? And how can we look after ourselves and our planet? These are some of the questions that this project explores and invites you to consider.

Photography students from Sandwell College have been collaborating with local arts organisation, Multistory and photographer Kate Green, to explore how they feel about their local environment.

They took part in photography workshops and creative writing sessions; a guided walk with The Wildlife Trust; selected work to be part of the exhibition; and assisted with installation.

The work exhibited in the Change is Coming exhibition showcases the students’ work, words and poems from Sandwell Visually Impaired Members and Black Country poets, plus a few wildlife fun facts. You will also find banners hanging from some of the lamp posts along the pedestrianised section of the high street.

The exhibition features work by: Rebecca Aldridge, Noah Banks, Rylee Butler, Samuel Edwards, Holly Hill, Kashaylah Jarvis, Ben Keeling, Jaiden McBean, Namita Ram, Yasmin Robinson, Tesheena Solomon and Madison Warren-White.

The project is part of the Green Roots Cultural Programme that Multistory is delivering through the West Bromwich Urban Greening Scheme.

This is a Sandwell Council initiative, funded by the Town’s Fund Partnership, that will increase biodiversity on the high street and create a green walking route to Sandwell Valley.

Thanks to: The Wildlife Trust and RSPB for providing the fun facts; poets Emma Purshouse,

Roy McFarlane, RM Francis plus Sandwell Visually Impaired Members and Lee Mackenzie for sharing their poems; the fantastic Level 3 Photography students and John Edwards at Sandwell College; Malikah Holder for the graphic design of the exhibition; Vik Chandla for

assistance with installation; and Josh Singh from Sandwell Council for continued support and collaboration.

Learn more about the student’s work and exhibition here

Listen to the audio description:

Green Roots Walk, 2023 © Kate Green Photography