Sandwell Stories Exhibition Tour

3rd October 2019 - 4th March 2020

Wendesbury Library, Thimblemill Library, Bleakhouse Library, Tipton Library

Sandwell Stories is an audio project produced by Multistory where we talk to local people and share their everyday experiences. We chat with people we meet on the streets, at home and in the workplace, and record their views, ideas and stories to create our bi-monthly podcast that is played on the Black Country Matters radio show and on our website. First presented at West Bromwich Central Library during Blast! Festival 2019, the exhibition Sandwell Stories will tour libraries in Sandwell, showcasing portraits by photographer Emma Case, taken while interviewing local people for the ongoing audio project. The exhibition weaves together the words of people from Sandwell with their portraits, enabling the public to access a growing oral and visual archive of contemporary, everyday stories. The podcasts are available for the public to listen to as part of the installation.

Exhibition tour dates:

Wednesbury Library: 3 October – 4 November 2019

Thimblemill Library: 6 November – 3 December

Bleakhouse Library: 7 January – 5 February

Tipton Library: 7 February – 4 March