A visit to People, Place and Sport

July 14, 2022

Photography / art student Ellie writes about her visit to Jaskirt Boora‘s new exhibition

Artist Jaskirt Boora’s People, Place and Sport exhibition is being held in a variety of locations in Sandwell and Birmingham. This blog focuses on the exhibition that is currently being shown at Sandwell Valley from 2 July to 31 August 2022. People, Place, and Sport is a celebration of local communities and sport in the West Midlands. Through a series of different portraits and recorded interviews, Jaskirt Boora explores people’s connection to their grassroots sporting hubs, working with the aim to empower and give a voice to different communities.

Jada, Sandwell Flyers, Oldbury & Erdington
Byron, Bournville Bowls, Bournville
Arjan, Sporting Khalsa FC, Willenhall

“The club means a lot to me. It helps me. It supports me, because it’s just me…”


The artist grew up playing sports and loved the competitiveness. Through these photographs she not only wanted to express her own love for sports, but she wanted to show the world what a big impact sports has on other people’s lives. stadium and Manchester’s People Museum, and has been widely published in many other places.

Maddy, Solihull and Small Heath Athletics Club, Solihull

Satnam, Sandwell Special Olympics, Smethwick

“Athletics is not only my life, but it’s also a really nice escape….”


“I’ve been all over the country with Sandwell Special Olympics. We didn’t have no sport during the COVID-19″


The exhibition is located on the field in the Sandwell Valley showground. My visit to this exhibition was a good experience as an art/ photography student as it gave me many ideas about how I can tell a story with just one picture. The way the photos were displayed is helpful as you can stand in the centre and see all the photos around you. Each photo has an information panel, which includes a name and a quote by the person in the picture. I enjoyed reading the quotes as it gives you a chance to know that person a bit more, to understand their story.

Out of Jaskirt’s outstanding portfolio of photographs the below stood out the most because I think that each of them have their own unique, untold story behind them. In the first, the focus of the image is nets in a sports hall with two quite plain colours, but the way Jaskirt has framed the image means it’s familiar and unfamiliar at the same time and feels like it has a story that is yet to be told to the world. In the second one, I like the feeling that it gives me, a feeling of proudness and joy.

Gym Hall, People, Place and Sport, 2022 © Jaskirt Boora
Byron, Bournville Bowls, People, Place and Sport, 2022 © Jaskirt Boora

Overall, I personally like all the photos that i managed to take from my visit to this wonderful exhibition by Jaskirt Boora. Being a photography student, visiting this exhibition has brought me many ideas that I can use to develop my own work. Find out more about the exhibition.

by Ellie Grice

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