October 8, 2019

We’ll be participating in @bop_bristol festival on 19 & 20 October 2019, a brand new photobook festival based at Paintworks in Bristol. In the lead up to the festival we took over BOP’s account, hlighting some of the publications we’ve produced in the past- here are a few of those posts!⁣

Multistory publishes work made with, for and by the local community. It’s important to us that any publication we produce is affordable, and accessible to the local community, rather than being made with the art market in mind. All of our publications cost £20 and under, and are sold for a discount price at local community events, as well as being gifted to participants.⁣

The Cracker is a series of portraits of teenagers living in Tipton between 2018 and early 2019, made by photographer Laura Pannack. The project takes its title from the area of scrubland that Laura photographed the teenagers in. ‘The Cracker’, as it’s referred to locally, is a youth club without walls and without rules. Laura was fascinated by how this unassuming space has taken on a greater meaning for the young people that live nearby. Through her photographs, she aims to explore the friendships, the unique language and tradition of the area and the characters that, “should not be lost or ignored”.⁣

The publication was launched at a community event for local residents in May 2019 and will be available to buy @bop. The book was designed by Kerry Leslie.⁣

Captions: Jack, 2018 Laura Pannack⁣⁣
The Cracker, 2018 Laura Pannack⁣

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