October 10, 2019

⁣Working in the same place for a long period of time and being able to invite photographers to visit several times is an important part of Multistory’s process – photography captures a moment in time, and long-term projects act as a powerful tool for social commentary. ⁣⁣
For Estate Return, we invited photographer Robert Clayton to return to Lion Farm Estate in Oldbury, where he completed his seminal social documentary project ‘Estate’ as a student in 1991. Almost three decades have since passed and Robert’s new body of work continues to explore this working class community.⁣⁣
“The estate was both familiar, in the sense I grew up in a large low-rise council estate in the Midlands, and exciting, as it was unfamiliar, new to me, strange and offered much to explore. When commissioned by Multistory to photograph the area a generation later, I was determined to document again, in a balanced, inquisitive, and respectful manner, a visual representation of the under-represented.” Robert Clayton⁣⁣
The project culminated in an exhibition as part of Blast! Festival and a limited edition newspaper publication is on sale @bop_bristol⁣⁣
Caption: Estate Return, 2018 Robert Clayton⁣

Head over to @bop_bristol for more takeovers in the run up to the festival

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