September 2, 2019

Great that Corinne Noordenbos will be back in town for both of our events taking place in association with exhibition ‘Black Country Lungs’ at Walsall Manor Hospital from 5 September 2019.⁣

Corinne Noordenbos is a photographer and educator. She was born in Amsterdam where she still lives and works. She has a long career as a portrait and documentary photographer working for a variety of editorials. In her own projects, she concentrates on daily matters, often with a personal starting point and she has a long-standing interest in exploring the human condition by photographing health issues. Her series of ‘Modern Madonna’ was made just after she became a mother herself and her project about Alzheimer’s after her mother was diagnosed with the disease. Her work has been exhibited all over the world. Her contribution to education in The Netherlands has impacted on the development of photography internationally. Corinne was Head of Photography at the Royal Academy of Art ⁣

More info about the events and how to book can be found on our website. ⁣



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By: multistory
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