August 19, 2019

“Scouts mean a lot to me. The feeling you get when children come up to you after a meeting or a camp and say ‘thank you. I had so much fun’, or ‘thank you, I can finally be me.’ It means the world.”
I was born in Poland and came over when I was 6 years old. I always struggled with having just one home. When people would ask: “where would you rather be?” or “what football team do you support?” if England and Poland play – I always struggled with that. For me, home is where my family and friends are, somewhere I am wanted. Poland is home but my home is also here in England – I have family in both, and I have friends in both.
Sometimes it’s tough to be told you aren’t really English so your home can’t be here – or you live abroad so you shouldn’t consider Poland as home. If I’m honest there is so many of us that struggle with such a split. Sometimes it feels as if I have to have two different personalities: the Polish Martyna and the English one.” .
Photo credit: Martyna, Polish Saturday School, September 2017 @jon_tonks .
Jon Tonks’ collaboration with Multistory, Stories of Home is a portrait of the Central and Eastern European communities who live in Sandwell, The project was commissioned by Multistory and supported by Creative Black Country.
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By: multistory
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