June 9, 2019

Apna Heritage Archive : Artist Talk Highlights: @AnanndChhabra

Here are some of our highlights from Friday’s artist talk delivered to circa 200 people at the The Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick @gngsmethick.
Visitors began by exploring the exhibit briefly before talk began, some visitors spotting people they know featured within the archive, selfies were taken at the 70s feature wall, the viewers were extremely popular, the samosas arrived and we tucked in followed by garam chai (tea) supplied by the Gurdwara.

The talk first began with the children from Punjabi school opening up. Followed by Anand’s presentation which included details about his work on the project,  story about his parents, the first ever female Asian teacher in Wolverhampton featured in the archive, and details of the projects future. The event ended with some networking and families and children enjoying the remainder of the exhibition.

Some of the children enjoyed it so much they returned the next day with the utmost enthusiasm, feeling proud and hopefully inspired.

The exhibition remains open and free for all to visit, and closes on Thursday 13th June. Feel free to go in and take a seat in the Function Room first floor.
If new to Gurdwara just go in take off shoes, cover head with scarf/ handkerchief and walk on towards the function hall. You can use either stairs or Lift.

Post by @sukiedesi on behalf of Multistory.

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