May 5, 2019

Mitti Di Khushboo – The Smell of the Land #BlastPhotoFest2019

The first time Jaskirt’s mum met her dad was at the airport when she arrived in Birmingham in the late 1970s. More than once, Jaskirt has reflected on how different her life would be if they hadn’t moved to England and she had instead been born and raised in Panjab. This exhibition pays homage to Jaskirt’s family, specifically the older generation, who came to settle in England. This is a universal story that echoes throughout migrant communities.
Jaskirt Boora (formerly Dhaliwal) is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on portraiture and documentary photography. Fuelled by a passion for people and their stories, her work has been exhibited across the country, including Wembley Stadium and Manchester’s People Museum, and published in The Sunday Times.

By: multistory
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