Sarah Taylor Silverwood on initiating The Women’s Honour Award

August 10, 2018

© Sarah Taylor Silverwood, 2018.

Sarah Taylor Silverwood talks about why she’s collaborated with Multistory to launch The Women’s Honour Award.
“The Women’s Honour Award is a chance for people to celebrate someone who goes above and beyond for them. A lot of the work that women do is behind the scenes, often unpaid, and not rewarded. The sorts of images and paintings we see in public spaces have historically shown a mainly male, privileged voice. I want to create portraits that change this narrative we have seen throughout history by celebrating and honouring these women.”


Sarah Taylor Silverwood is a visual artist with a practice rooted in drawing, used as material across print, animation and installation. She often pulls together narratives through collaboration, a specific site, or a curatorial framework. Recent projects include New Art Gallery Walsall (solo show, forthcoming, 2019), Longbridge Public Art Project (2016) the British Consulate in Chicago, USA (2014) and The University of Birmingham (2013).

The Women’s Honour Award will celebrate the many and varied roles that women who live and / or work in Sandwell do as care-givers, supporters and more. The three winners chosen by our judging panel will have their portrait painted by Sarah Taylor Silverwood and, together with their family and friends, they will be invited to a celebration event where the portraits will be revealed. For more information on how to nominate click here.