The Women’s Honour Award – Meet the Judges

July 17, 2018

Tina Cockbill, judge for The Women’s Honour Award

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing the fabulous panel who will judge entries to The Women’s Honour Award. First up, Tina Cockbill.

Tina has been working at Nods Café in the West Bromwich Indoor Market for 15 years and is a central figure to the West Bromwich community. She is on the Friends of Earls committee for The Earls High School, which meets regularly to strengthen relationships between the school and members of the community. She always gets involved when charities such as Women’s Refuge and Socks&Chocs set up stalls at the Indoor Market, helping out with the decoration and setting up of the stalls. She thinks it’s important to go the extra mile to make people feel welcome and a part of something, and that’s why Nod’s Café is such an important place for West Brom. She thinks of herself as a ‘listener’, always making sure that customers who come to the café have someone to speak to about their day, or to reminisce about the past.

The Women’s Honour Award will celebrate the many and varied roles that women who live and / or work in Sandwell do as care-givers, supporters and more. The three winners chosen by our judging panel will have their portrait painted by Sarah Taylor Silverwood and, together with their family and friends, they will be invited to a celebration event where the portraits will be revealed. For more information on how to nominate click here.