Sandwell Stories

April 23, 2018

Rita, West Bromwich Indoor Market, April 2018 © Emma Case

Drum roll please… Sandwell Stories, a new bi-monthly podcast produced by Multistory will share stories of people we meet on the streets, at home and in the workplace – we’ll capture their views, ideas, stories and opinions. The podcast will sometimes be led by the individuals and groups we meet and reflect their interests or concerns; and sometimes it will be initiated by us, around issues of the day with the aim of stimulating debate and reflection. We’re excited to partner with Black Country Matters radio show on Black Country Radio to launch each podcast and they’ll also be available to download from our website. The first podcast, about life as a market trader in West Bromwich Indoor Market, will be launched on Sunday 27 May at 2pm; don’t forget to tune in!

Rita – “I’ve been here since 1972 when the market opened… 40 odd years. There’s not many of us at all that have come from the old market. It gives you a purpose for getting up in the morning. If you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself, get yourself ready, get yourself out…”