Charlemont – Committee of Lost Memories

October 11, 2012

Katy and Torange are proposing a pop-up shop and cafe in a row of shops, on Charelemont Estate, West Bromwich, which will take place over 1-2 weeks in February 2012. Leading on from their previous research in the area, the shop would have multiple functions including: acting as an archive space for collecting and displaying artefacts and memories about the estate; holding classes and activities for adults which reflect the lost trades and knowledge of the community (and providing a space for ‘local experts’; holding games nights to re-enact lost games; and generating funds through a cafe which people can then pitch for to make small local projects happen.

Main project objectives

  • Continue to collect and display material with the longer term objective of creating a more permanent ‘Museum of Charlemont’
  • Re-enacting old activities which will attract different users to the space and create interactions, generating mini-organisations or groups which can pitch for money
  • Providing a forum for ‘local experts’  to display and share knowledge
  • Generating income which can then go back into making community projects happen

This is one of four Small Change:Creative Projects managed by Multistory in 2011-2012.