Small Change: Foxhill – Made in Foxhill

May 31, 2012

Small Change practice starts with a common sense assumption: to achieve something big, start with something small and start where it counts.

Multistory have produced a series of films, with the filmmaker Ewan Jones-Morris, to document four Small Change Community Projects. The films ‘shine a light’ on a particular problem in a community and give communities an opportunity to respond to issues that affect them in new, creative and unconventional ways. The films show how Small Change projects can start to make change happen and be the catalyst to bring different stakeholders together.

Small Change: Foxhill

Foxhill is a suburb in south Bath. The Foxhill community faces big an imminent changes due to a large regeneration scheme taking place in the neighbourhood. This project explored how community stories can be captured and shared to influence change and give local people a voice in their community.

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