Making Progress

March 9, 2012

Oliver Hamdi

Oli Hamdi, 2012

The Agents for Change group have been very busy challenging the negative perceptions of young people that exist within our community. They are in the process of raising their profile within the Camden community and in particular Tufnell Park. Within the school we have featured in the school bulletin, prepared a whole school assembly on what we do and how the school can support our work, published a newsletter to distribute to local businesses, in the process of preparing a poster campaign, and continuously updating our website.

We have had a journalist from the Camden New Journal working with us and he will be writing an article on what we do. Hopefully we will also be writing our own articles that will be published in the newspaper!

We would like to work more closely with the police, local arts groups and a local councillor to see how we can increase the impact we have. We have also been investigating how we can expand Agents for Change and what we stand for by responding to other issues that face our community and collaborating with departments within the school to embed our ethos of “learning by doing” into the curriculum.

The group is expanding, as there are so many students that would like to join. The students are considering an interview process for newcomers. We would like groups from other Camden schools to join Agents for Change in order to create a network of community journalism groups.

We are very proud of the progress we have made so far, and in the true Small Change way, we have started small but thinking BIG.

Oli Hamdi and Aaron Coleby