Final Event in the Park

February 16, 2012

By Emma Larkinson

Graffiti by Title, 2012

Graffiti by Title, 2012

Sunday 12th of February is cold, but dry and we’ve enlisted the help of Peter and Chris to assist while we unload and carry the image for Levines from the shop. Unfortunately Chris is unwell – and we hope that we don’t lose anymore from the event today.

When we arrive at the Park to find ‘Title’ well underway with the graffiti work – he’s already drawn attention from passers through.

We install the image on Levines and despite being another two people down the park starts to take shape.

The music provided by ‘Esoteric’ perched on the old pavilion under the gazebo provides a positive and open atmosphere and people are genuinely pleased to see some care and attention lavished on this small corner of Stirchley.

The Pooch Parade – planned for 12.00 – isn’t quite the ordered event that we had planned – however it has attracted new faces. Bringing together these ‘hidden’ users is a great start to what we are trying to achieve with this approach to working. This new set of people to talk to and a focus for more activity changes the park experience once again. Title’s work is well received and immediately suggests a more ambitious programme– and throws in sharp context the quality of the work already there. The group are already talking about how to take things forward and once we’ve packed up, the discussion continues in the pub.