The Making of Stirchley Park

January 25, 2012

Project team

Place Prospectors CIC is a not for profit community 
interest company that works creatively with people 
in the places where they live, work and learn. The company is co-directed by Jayne Murray and Emma Larkinson.


Stirchley, Birmingham.  For some local information click here

Brief outline of the project

The project will bring together a small group of residents to work together in relation to Stirchley Park – an underused green space. Place Prospectors will work within the park to collectively explore and develop ideas for future use and design. Their focus will be to explore and deliver small changes that could influence change of use and strengthen a sense of ownership towards the park.

Main Objectives

  • To deliver creative and experiential activity in the park;
  • To develop a group of individuals that will continue to develop a sense of ownership and custodial responsibility to the park;
  • To reassert the park as a valued social and cultural space through the activity the group delivers.

This is one of four Small Change:Creative Projects managed by Multistory in 2011-2012.