Park at Rear

December 9, 2011

Our small change project will focus on a small park in Stirchley, Birmingham. Hidden from view ‘Stirchley Park’ is not well known in the local area – classically ‘out of sight out of mind’. Used by dog walkers and those as a hurried short cut the space has stagnated. During our research into the local area we found a number of people who were intrigued with the park and were interested in considering how it could be re-established as a well used and cared for asset for the community. We have set ourselves the task of starting with the park and delivering 3 events that will: present an alternative to the current park experience; be experienced collectively and will help us to start to explore how longer term change could be encouraged. How to create these events is the immediate task and has been the focus of our first discussions on how we will deliver the project. We know we want to keep it focused over a short period of time – and this suits the project delivery demands of Small Change Forum. We have decided to work on three events at fortnightly intervals – they will be held on a Sunday to – we hope – allow those who work to take part. The park is well defined by its boundaries; the local co-operative store, empty retail unit, the small green space that was once used by the Friends Meeting House and terraced residential housing. Looking at old maps we know that there was a bowling pavilion on the boundary and a shelter in the centre of the Park. The river which is now culverted could have once been more visible and part of the park experience.