Martin Parr’s Photography

Martin Parr has completed his four-year commission for our Black Country Stories programme that is supported with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

There is an archive of amazing images and you can visit the galleries below, as well as a few suggested photo albums that we have put together. You can also  browse all of the photographs in our galleries.

Martin Parr’s Black Country Stories’ Galleries

Martin Parr documented the four boroughs in the Black Country between 2010 and 2014. The Black Country includes the Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Bethel Convention Centre, West Bromwich, 2010


This collection shows the huge range of images taken in Sandwell in 2010, documenting everyday life in pubs, clubs, factories, churches and many more.

Royal Wedding Celebrations, The Lion Bar & Club, Walsall, 2011


Martin visited Walsall in 2011, documenting the many wonderful things that make this place so unique including the Royal Wedding celebrations and street parties.

Wolves Fans, Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton, 2012


In 2012, Martin visited Wolverhampton to document the working and social life of the area. Some of the highlights include the Diamond Jubilee, football derby, and Goodyear.


This collection shows images Martin from the many places Martin visited in Dudley in 2013/14.

Photo Albums

Teddy Gray’s Sweet Shop

Established in 1826, Edward Gray of Dudley Ltd is still, and always has been, a family owned and run business. To date, five generations have worked and contributed towards the business keeping the traditional method of sweet making alive. This collection of images shows favourites like lettered rock and giant lollipops being made by hand in the Teddy Gray’s factory.

See the Teddy Gray’s images.

Guru Nanak Gurdwara

Guru Nanak Gurdwara is a Sikh temple in Smethwick in the Black Country. Martin documented scenes inside and outside the temple as part of the annual Vaisakhi festival.

See the Guru Nanak Gurdwara images

Match Day

West Bromwich Albion Football Club, West Brom, The Baggies, The Throstles, Albion, WBA … whatever name you may know them by, this collection of images follows fans making their way to The Hawthorns football ground on match day.

See the West Bromwich Albion images

You may also be interested in images relating to the themes of food, religion, West Bromwich Albion, sport, festivals and celebrations and tattoos.

We also have a selection of films made by Martin available to buy in our shop.

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