Here are short clips from the four films that Multistory has made with Magnum photographer, Martin Parr. Martin has worked with us over the last four years to create a photographic portrait and archive of life in the Black Country through photography, film and oral histories.  The four films can be bought on one compilation DVD from our on-line shop here.  You can also buy Teddy Gray’s Sweet Factory, Mark goes to Mongolia; and Tudor Crystal as individual films.

Turkey & Tinsel

JR Holyhead Travel is a family-run coach company located in the small, market town of Willenhall in the Black Country that has been in business for 25 years. Turkey and Tinsel holidays are a clever concept dreamt up by hotels and coach companies to stay open during the usually quiet pre-Christmas period. Martin Parr films a group of Black Country pensioners, from pick-up to drop-off, on their five day Christmas break (in November, 2013).

To see some short clips, press ‘play’ or left and right for more. To buy the film on DVD, please visit our shop and select Martin Parr’s compilation DVD.

Tudor Crystal

Stourbridge, in the Black Country, was once world famous for its glass. Established in 1922, Tudor Crystal is the last, multi-furnace company producing 30% lead crystal, within a traditional glassmaking cone.

To see some short clips, press ‘play’ or left and right for more. To buy the film on DVD, please visit our shop.

Mark goes to Mongolia

‘Mark goes to Mongolia’, tells the story of pigeon auctioneer, breeder and entrepreneur, Mark Evans (who lives and works in the Black Country). As pigeon racing dies out in the UK, Mark discovers a new world of pigeon racing and breeding in China and Mongolia and a new business opportunity, where the prizes are high and interest in the sport is growing.

To see a short clip, press ‘play’ and to buy the film on DVD, please visit our shop.

Teddy Gray’s Sweet Factory

Martin returned to using a film camera in his first film for Multistory, a wonderfully engaging documentary about Teddy Gray’s sweet factory in Dudley in the Black Country, a family owned and run business, established in 1826.

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You can also explore our complete collection on our Vimeo channel.

Black Country Stories

Black Country Stories works with critically acclaimed photographers, film makers and authors to tell amazing stories that celebrate everyday life in the Black Country.

Martin Parr’s Black Country Stories

A short film featuring images by Martin Parr of pubs and clubs across the Black Country, accompanied by ambient sounds and interviews with local people.

Where We Dream

A film by Ben Wigley (produced by François Matarasso) that tells the story of the West Bromwich Operatic Society, who have been performing musical theatre in the Black Country since the 1930s.


Multistory commissioned Anand Chhabra to produce a short film about third generation British Asians living in Wolverhampton. This film seeks to document the ambitions of a young Asian British man, Manjit Krumbein, growing up in the Black Country.  Manjit is a rap artist, otherwise known as 24K, who holds a strong sense of family values whilst being influenced by western culture and relationships.

The Space

Black Country Stories was on The Space during 2013. The Space is a joint initiative by the BBC and the Arts Council and is an on-demand digital arts channel that allows people to connect with, and experience arts, music, film and give artists space to innovate and experiment.

The images, stories, ambient sounds created through the work with Magnum photographers Martin Parr and Mark Power on the Black Country Stories programme have been produced to create 30 beautifully crafted short films that include interviews with local people. A small selection of these films are shown below and more will be added over the next few weeks.

Portraits: Martin Parr’s Black Country Stories

A short film documenting a series of portraits taken by Martin Parr in the Black Country, accompanied by interviews with local people.

Religion: Martin Parr’s Black Country Stories

A short film providing an insight into the various places of worship, religious rituals, weddings and religious festivals throughout the Black Country.

Mark Power’s Black Country Stories

A series of photographs and short films that reveal the often overlooked as well as the ‘hidden’ beauty of the everyday.

Mark Power’s Black Country Stories

During his visits to the region, Mark noticed an array of thriving beauty salons and gentlemen’s clubs peppering local shopping arcades.

Investigating this further, he discovered a number of historical precedents for the growth of beauty and sex industries in times of austerity. This led to a series of short films made in salons, tattoo parlours and nightclubs.

These links take you directly to the films on Mark’s Vimeo channel:
Spray tan:
Pole dancer:
Tatoo / Piercings:
Fish pedicure:
Wobble away:

Make-up from Mark Power on Vimeo.

Fish pedicure from Mark Power on Vimeo.

Wobble away from Mark Power on Vimeo.

Black Country Cinema

Black Country Cinema is a collective of four film makers based in the Black Country. Passionate about real cinema, they aim to portray the Black Country and British culture honestly and authentically through the medium of film.

We commissioned the collective to produce a series of short films that responded to the theme of the Black Country Stories programme. More information about the Black Country Cinema commission is available here.

Welcome To The Black Country

Welcome to the Black Country

A documentary that travels through a selection of Black Country towns hearing touching stories from some of its residents and providing us with a small glimpse into their everyday life and the place they call home.



Market places, familiar faces

The camera pans slowly around the Bilston Market located in the Black Country. On a separate recording, we hear people – young and old – talking about their woes and joys and their will to keep the market trade living each day.


Food for The Mind

A documentary about a small allotment in West Bromwich in the Black Country. Quiet and contemplative (to match the pace of life on this beautiful piece of land, almost secretly tucked away among the busy streets), one of the longest standing plot holders talks fondly of his memories here, dating back to WWII.


Where Royals Have Walked

A documentary exploring the royal historical roots that lie within the small community of Bentley that is situated in the Black Country and how it played an important part of King Charles II escape route to France in 1651.


Small Change

Multistory produced a series of films, with the filmmaker Ewan Jones-Morris, to document our Small Change community projects. The films show how Small Change projects can act as a catalyst to make a difference in communities.

SC01 – Small Change: Stirchley – The Making of Stirchley Park

This film looks at how Place Prospectors worked with local people to increase awareness about a forgotten park.

SC02 – Small Change: Tufnell Park – Agents for Change

A film documenting a community journalism project in London that helped to challenge negative perceptions of young people.

SC03 – Small Change: Charlemont – The Committee of Lost Memories

A film that explores how the arts can revitalise empty shops on the high street.